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Foster Homes Wanted

Are you, or someone you know willing to share their home with a cat that is waiting to be adopted. The role of a foster is to provide a loving environment, that keeps the cats safe, happy, healthy, socialized, and gives us a chance to learn about their personalities. As a foster you are responsible in providing a separate room for a cat until they can be integrated into your home, supplying needed supplies (litter box, litter, food dishes, scratch post and cat toys) and time to socialize the cat. We supply the food and the all vet care.  

About Us

We are a registered charity cat rescue in Ontario helping stray and abandoned cats in the Ottawa and valley area.  We do this for our love of animals and the need to make a difference in the lives of these cats and the loving people who adopt them.

  • Location: Ottawa, Ontario
  • Email: info@adoptmecatrescue.ca

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